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Our life-long purpose is to disciple~equip~partner in the Great Commission with those who are living on the Gospel edges.  These edges or borders are places where the tender shoot of the Good News has sprung up and is making an impact all around it.  It’s spreading.

And it is, or is likely to stir up some controversy.  It could turn into hostile responses by a few who do not want its presence in their community.  You see the unsettling, mind-boggling, soul-stirring and life-changing message of the Gospel has always been like that good news to those who want to hear it and troublesome news to those who reject it.

And in some communities, there is a strong political and/or social push-back against those who embrace the message and those who are seen as in some way responsible for its entrance into their world.

We are not trying to be there for a weekend.  Disciple-making is not about a 3-day retreat on the beach (although I will take that too).  Discipleship is long-term, relationship-heavy, pressing on to maturity in Christ.  The Great Commission and a commitment to living it out is an essential aspect of that maturity.

That maturity demands full allegiance and growing commitment to living in the light of His Word.  It requires allowing the new source of life found in and through the Gospel to become the source of all energy and activity.  It requires that we find our identity in Him.

It’s nothing short of a miracle when the Gospel breaks in and cleans house and it affects every area of life.

Journeying Together in 2017,


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