Everyone needs a mediator

A mediator is someone that offers to take a position between two parties and negotiate a settlement that both sides can accept so that the dispute between them is settled in a fair and equitable manner.  In order for a mediator to perform this service, both parties usually agree before hand, and in good faith, to place their case in the hands of the mediator to negotiate on their behalf.

Hebrews 9:27 promises that everyone will one day die and then face a Judge.  That Judge is none other than the Holy, All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Powerful and Perfect Creator God of the universe.  Knowing what we know about ourselves, we should all be very uncomfortable about the prospects of being stripped bare before Him.  His holiness demands nothing less than that from His created people.

So my question is simple.  Who do you plan to have as a mediator at that judgement?  There really is only two options:

  1. Argue your case by yourself.  You can try to explain to the All-Knowing and All-Seeing Creator about your intentions, your attempts at self-control, your seemingly minor slip-ups, the plethora of good deeds that you thought might give you some credibility before Him.  BUT, He will accept nothing less than perfect obedience.  He will rightly and eternally judge every wrong-doing.  Because He has to act consistently with ALL of His Character.  That means He will not be either unholy, unloving or unjust.  His holiness will require holiness to enter His presence.  His love will remind you that He has offered a different solution which you refused.  His justice will require that every sin be fully penalized.
  2. Accept the offer of the Mediator.  BUT, you must accept that before you die.  Afterwards there will not be a second chance to do so.  The offer of the Mediator is simple.  He is God Himself – The Promised Redeemer – sent into the world to be the only acceptable sinless sacrifice for all of sin’s consequences.  Once He finished His redemptive act – dying on a cross to pay for all of your sin, He was resurrected to go back to heaven to sit on the side of God’s throne to be an eternal Mediator.  That is where He currently sits and awaits your time to be judged.  (He does lots of other good things for those who have chosen Him as their Mediator.)

So the very good news is that today in 2017, if you are still reading this blog post, you can choose to trust the work of God’s Mediator.  It really is the only choice that makes any sense at all if you are honest with yourself.  Self-mediation might work ok with people who are easily cajoled into some kind of easily pacified “I’ll pretend I didn’t see that” act of pseudo-grace.  But it won’t work with the Creator.  He is too Holy and Perfect for that.

Everything is perfectly settled by accepting the solution He has provided.

Here is a link to the whole story where you can view it in many languages.

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