A Digital Nomad

I learned a new term this morning.  I am what is called a “digital nomad”.  I guess that it means something like “someone who instead of working in a traditional brick and mortar office, chooses to work in a nomadic manner and depends heavily on digital formats and devices to work productively”.  That is my very own, made-up definition based on what I have read about it.

It really describes several things that we have found true of ourselves in the last decade. 1) We really can live without a permanent or long-term house that would store lots of stuff we really seldom use or have a need for.  2) We really can be productive every day just by developing routines that we can practice no matter where we happen to wake up.  My daily routines do not change all that much except when I am dealing with severe jetlag.  3) We really feel free to pick up and move from here to there depending on how we see God moving us and what He is prioritizing in our life at the particular moment.  That does not mean that we don’t plan ahead or prepare.  But we have that down to a fairly easy process now.

We enjoy our life and the flexibility that we have.  We realize it is not for everyone but it sure suits us and the work that God has given to us.

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